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Eco-Rain Tank Systems of America is an industry leading company built on over 13 years of experience, manufacturing and supplying polypropylene chambers for underground storm water detention. Eco-Rain supplies products of the highest quality while providing 100% recycled polypropylene chambers that meet environmental standards with communities in mind.

Manuel Arriagada, owner of Eco-Rain Tank Systems of America, started in 2002 with Stormwater Solutions LLC - the first company in the United States to import and sell Atlantis Rain Tanks. With experience in developing foreign markets, he subsequently established EcoRain Systems in 2006 for manufacturing and distribution of Tanks and Drainage Cells. The Eco-Rain Tank Systems of America team are experts in providing a more efficient operation with manufacturing both domestically and internationally and are focused on solving the complex challenges facing today’s industry.

Eco-Rain Tank Systems of America is certified by the International Code Council (ICC) for product testing and manufacturing plant ISO standards. Eco-Rain is dedicated to the development of new products that enhance the system and improve the installation process. Eco-Rain’s team provides quality customer service that is there to help during each step of the project from designing to installation to meeting deadlines.

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